Farewell South Dakota

We got the approval and hubby is coming this weekend to collect us. We will set off for Wisconsin Monday morning and our new adventure will begin. I am excited and a bit terrified. We have been in South Dakota for over four years now. It has been an adventure of it's own. If you would have told me when we first came here that I would come to love it, that I would find a church home that would be so dear to my heart, that I would make the awesome friends I have made and strengthened my family I would have boldly  laughed in your face. It was a rough time for me then and I did not have hope. But God worked it all out for His glory. And four years later, where once we were without a job, Randy now has a government job that is stable. Where once our marriage was at a crossroads, we are now closer than we were with a hope for a future. Where once I wasn't sure I'd make any friendships, or have joy in this place, I have met wonderful people and have enjoyed living in this state. But now it's time for a new chapter. One that is closer to home. One that will have us in a place where it's just us as a family for a while. Starting over new is always a little scary, but I know that God will bless us in our new venture just as he blessed us in this one. As a farewell I wanted to share some of our happy times from here in South Dakota. So enjoy a few chronological photos. : )


Angela said...

I'm am in in awe of God's love...((hugs))

Julie said...

I just came back and read this again :)

Are you going to start blogging again, or is that chapter of your life done for now?

I hope you're loving your new place and settling in/making friends!